HOA Finance Guide and  HOA
vs Non-HOA Cost of Living
Colorado HOA Forum:  Homeowner Advocates
HOA Financial Matters
Financial Management, Fines, Fees, Liens
Protection Against Fraud and
Embezzelment: internal controls
Can Your HOA Declare Bankruptcy?
Financial Control: Overivew/Basics
HOA Finances:
Best Practices for Getting Your
Homeowners Association through Difficult
Economic Times
Pay Your Dues or a $500 fine can
turn into $10,000
Pay the fines or else: limited options
HOA Sells Foreclosure:
Value $100,000 Sells for $4,000
HOA Collection Policy: state law
Only registered HOA's can file and enforce liens,
HOA liens and Super Liens Overview
HOA Foreclosures and Liens
HOA Cost Saving Ideas Guide
HOA Budgets: overview of presentation, passage

           Refer to Colorado Legislation    
HB 16-1149  Budget Presentation and Approval/Veto
HOA Registration: penalties for
Safeguarding and Investing HOA Funds
Super lien new story: home value $300,000+,
sold for $19,000.  
Metro Districts can deliver surprisingly and
costly tax increases
Metro Districts and Taxes
Colorado metro district debts can take
homeowners decades to pay off
How developers use bonds, mill
levies to ensure they are repaid
HOA super lien foreclosures: lose
equity, home and still owe mortgage
HOA Mold Damage Liability that Results
from Water Leaks
HOA Home Closing Costly, Unjustified and
Tolerated by Realtors (HOA closing are higher!)