How your legislators Voted on HOA Issues
Colorado HOA Forum:  Homeowner Advocates
Bills must clear the committees or they will not be voted on by the full House and Senate to
become law (after the Governor signs the Bills).

The votes cast in the House and Senate Committees are posted on-line and the votes of your
State representatives are also posted on line.  We will be posting these results and listing
those legislators, regardless of political party, who are considered advocates of HOA
homeowners and those who voted against legislative reform.

You can start at this page to look up the for yourself or use the links below

HB 13-1277 Licensing Property Managers
House (page 10)               Senate  (page 9-10)

2014:   HB 14-1254   Limit HOA Transfer Fees & Late Payment Penalties
This Bill has nothing to do with its' title.  The Bill was changed to a general disclosure
Bill on fees that will not impact home owners but only allow for continuation of the
abusive fees that it was intended to correct.  

2014 -
Homeowners Association (HOA) issues are
not partisan issues, not Republican or
Democratic issues, Conservative or Liberal
issues, these are home owner's issues.
Final Votes: HOA Legislation 2013, 2014
Our organization is not political nor partisan and
Representatives.  Those who vote against HOA
legislation that would improve HOA governance
and quality of life in HOA communities will be
singled.  If your State representative voted