Links to Colorado HOA Legislation:  what is missing in each?  There are no
enforcement or penalty provisions included (other than defaulting to our Court
System which is too costly, litigious, and time consuming for homeowners)
when abusive HOA Boards violate these guidelines or their own governing
document.   Please note, the copies of law accessed from the below links may
not be the most current but we attempt to update them frequently.

CCIOA Colo HOA Law  

Colorado Common Interest  Ownership Act (“CCIOA”): primary HOA law in

HOA Ombudsman Bill, HB 10-1278, into Law: created the Colorado HOA
Information Office and Resource Center

HOUSE BILL 11-1124   Concerns Conflict of Interests Related to HOA Boards
of Directors

HB 12-1237: amends the association records provision of CCIOA to: (1) make
it clear what records must be maintained and produced to homeowners; (2)
specifically list the types of records which may be withheld from production;
and (3) eliminate the requirement that owners must state a "proper purpose"
prior to being permitted to inspect records

Our efforts are directed at modifying Colorado HOA legislation, not starting all
over or tossing away the efforts of those who worked on and got such
legislation passed.  Notice the missing element in all of these laws: there is
no binding dispute resolution process mentioned, no penalties for violators,
and consequently the homeowner is left with our pay to play, costly, litigious,
time consuming, and complicated Court System to get any part of any of these
laws enforced in their behalf.  

Simply including a paragraph or two in each law that mandates an out of court,
binding dispute resolution process for homeowner complaints would make
this very weak and ineffective legislation fair and balanced and effective for
both the homeowner and HOA.   
The problem with current HOA law
Colorado HOA Forum:  Homeowner Advocates