Dispute Resolution Between Home Owner and HOA
Comprehensive Discussion on Solution for
Home Owner Dispute Resolution and Why
Mediation is a costly diversion and not a cost
effective solution
Out of court binding dispute
resolution already exists for
mobile home/manufactured home
residents and was used for home
owner complaints with property
managers? Why not for HOA
Colorado HOA Forum:  Homeowner Advocates
Try to Stay Out of Court
Don't let your Emotions drain your bank account
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Court will match your limited funds, legal resources and time
against the HOA's
unlimited financial resources, legal counsel,
and time.  If you lose you could also end up paying thousands of
dollars in HOA legal costs for the most simple case.  

All Colorado HOA laws lack any reference to an affordable,
accessible, workable means of enforcement from the home
owners perspective
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Flow Chart of Out of Court Binding
Dispute Resolution Process
HOA Office Sunset Review Report Recommendations
for HOA reform include an out of court dispute
resolution process within State HOA Office
HB 19-1309: provides mobile home and
manufactured home communities with an out of
court dispute resolution process within the
State (DORA)
Denver Post: Effort for Dispute Resolution
Judicial Deference: supports (most) HOA Board
Arizona Dispute Resolution: the law and easy
reading brochure.  
A Guide for Refuting arguments against HOA dispute resolution within
the State HOA Office and developing a State HOA data repository
Injunctive Relief: authority would be granted to
State HOA Office in dispute resolution
Currently, State HOA Office doesn't
conduct investigation and resolution of
HOA home owner complaints: legislation
required to change
Our comments on the Sunset Review of the State HOA Office: Dispute
Resolution Implementation and Developing a State HOA Data Repository
There is no affordable, workable or accessible means for enforcing State HOA laws
or an HOA's governing documents from the homeowner's perspective other than
our costly, litigious and time consuming court system: this makes pursuing one's
rights out of reach
HB 20-1200: copy of the Original Bill: legislators
removed HOA reform recommendations and
justification for HOA Office
HB 20-1200, Continuation of State HOA Office
and implementing a homeowner dispute
resolution process.  Changes in Bill needed to
ward-off critics: Our request to legislators to
enhance chances of passage
Study on Cost to Implement Dispute Resolution Within the State HOA Office
Lobbyist killed two HOA Bills that would have provided out of court dispute resolution
for HOA homeowner complaints and mostly put an end to costly, duplicative and
abusive home sale transfer fees that cost homeowners $15-20 million a year.
Colorado DORA estimates 20+ full time employees to administer an out of
court dispute resolution process: totally absurd and not challenged.  
See our cost estimate
2013 State HOA Study Recommends
Out of Court Binding Dispute Resolution
DORA Cost Estimates on Dispute Resolution Programs (DRP)
Fiscal notes/budgets developed by DORA to implement dispute
resolution processes (DRP):

Mobile Home Park DRP   5 Full Time Employees
HOA Property Manager DRP  3 Full Time Employees
HOA Homeowner DRP  22 Full Time Employees

Our Proposal/Budget on HOA Office DRP  5-7 Full Time Employees
Out of Court Binding Dispute Resolution within
the State HOA Office
A home owner would elect to use the court
system the State process.  
No homeowner's legal rights are sacrificed
2019: Governor's Review on HOA's and the
Sunset Report to Continue the State HOA Office
both recommend an out of court dispute resolution
process withing DORA and both ignored in HB