HOA Town Hall Meeting, Oct, 2012 (pics below)

The success of this meeting has now guaranteed future HOA Town Hall Meetings.
Meeting sites considered are Colorado Springs, Ft. Collins, Denver metro area, and Grand Junction.

HOA Town Hall Meeting, Aurora, CO, October 2012  (Our observations on the event posted in Blog)

Note, pictures were taken nearly 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.  We intended on taking more pictures but got preoccupied with seating an overflow crowd.  
Homeowners filled the conference room, were sitting in the hallway (our apologies and this won't happen again), and some were unfortunately turned
away or left due to the crowd.  

Thanks to everyone who attended.  This was an overwhelming success and exceeded everyone's expectations.  The meeting was hosted by five
Colorado State Representatives (see our flyer), members from the property management and mediation professions, and a member from DORA
(Colorado Information Office and Resource Center).  

We are planning on another HOA Town Hall Meeting in the future in the Denver metro area and are working with folks in Fort Collins and Grand Junction to hold similar
A sincere thanks to all of you on getting involved in HOA issues and expressing your concerns on a need for legislative reform and the licensing of property management

What you can't see is that the hallways are full and that many were turned away by the Fire Marshall due to limitations on capacity.  
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